Capital is a place where calories are burned and character is strengthened.
We exist so you can look in the mirror with satisfaction every day.

Capital has been established so you can become the best version of yourself.


Why has Capital been founded?

Capital Training Studio has been founded in response to the increasing demand for specialist and customised consultancy services concerning not only physical exercises but also dietary habits and lifestyle.

All this to improve your well-being, self-esteem and joy of life.

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Our mission

The aim of our work is to establish a relationship between you and your personal trainer that will help you overcome the reluctance, lack of motivation and stress associated with taking up a new challenge, i.e. the work on changing your lifestyle.

The next stage of our cooperation is to put as much effort as possible into committing and motivating you to regular exercises based on individually tailored training.

Click the link below to learn more about our methods.

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Our activity is focused rather on a specific idea than on a specific place. Knowing the value of time of our Clients, we strive to match the location to their needs. Acting in agreement with attractively located sports facilities, we are able to offer you training sessions in the heart of the city.


Andersia Hotel

An impressive fitness room in Andersia Hotel is the venue most frequently used for training sessions.
Unless you have a different preferred place for training, we will suggest meeting here.

Benefits for our Clients

Thanks to cooperation with Andersia SPA & Wellness, we can offer the following benefits to our Clients:

  • access to a sauna, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi bathtub at the Andersia SPA & Wellness zone
  • 3 free hours at hotel car park per each visit
  • 10% discount on treatments at the Andersia SPA & Wellness zone
Poznań - Andersia Tower
Andersia Hotel
  • Plac Andersa 3, Poznań
  • Floors: 21
  • In operation since: 2007
  • Total height: 102.1 m
ul. Piękna
- in progress
Poznań - Andersia Tower



Soon, we are planning to address our offer also to residents of the capital. If you need more information, please contact us.




Personal trainer

Łukasz Walkowiak

Master Personal Trainer, founder of Capital Training Studio

Ex-athlete, Master Personal Trainer.
Winner of over 30 medals at international championships. Two-time Olympic team member. Graduate of the prestigious Profi Fitness School, major in Personal Trainer. Holder of the Nutrition and Supplementation certificate. WTF Taekwondo Master
3rd Dan.

About myself

I began to train Taekwondo professionally at the Olimpia Club in Poznań when I was 10. My career as a Taekwondo athlete was developing very dynamically. I took the first exams under the guidance of Master Soo Kwang Lee (9th Dan). Having been one of the best trainers and an ex-Taekwondo athlete, he became my trainer, which was one of the greatest things that happened in my life. Thanks to the training with the Master I gained invaluable knowledge of how to improve not only my body but also my self-esteem, motivation and life attitude.

About the Far Eastern approach

The Far Eastern approach to sports and self-development lays an emphasis on the harmony of body and mind which we often forget and neglect in our culture, focusing on visible effects of training only. When I trained in Korea I learned how to determine the path of development while remaining in peace with yourself, your mind and your body. I found a beneficial effect of this approach on a sense of inner balance. I learned how to set goals and pursue them at all costs, staying motivated.

About the end of a professional athlete’s career

I got a lot of success and won many medals in my career as an athlete. I look back on my achievements with great pride. A serious injury prematurely ended my sports career. Today, however, I derive deep satisfaction from sharing the knowledge gained over the years of training under the guidance of a great man and athlete, Master Soo Kwang Lee. I have been a personal trainer since 2010.

My approach to training

It is the key for me during personal training to establish a good relationship with the person with whom I train. I believe that a solid workout is not based solely on choosing an appropriate set of exercises but also on providing a guidance to the trained person by selecting a nutritional plan right for the person, supporting the person in efforts to change bad habits for good ones and influencing the person’s awareness of his/her own body and its abilities.

During the exercises I pay a lot of attention to the correctness of their execution to reduce the risk of injury to zero and to maximise the effects of training. The safety of training is always my number one priority.


  • 24 gold medals at the Polish Championships
  • gold medal and the title of the Best Athlete of the International Olympic Hopes Tournament
  • 3rd place at Korea Open Championships
  • 3rd place at Dutch Open (one of the biggest Taekwondo tournaments in the world)


  • 5th place at the European Championships
  • 3 times 9th place at the World Championships
  • Sports Achievements Award of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Poland
  • Olympic team member - Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008